Hidden terms & conditions of GROFERS Grand Orange Bag Days 10-18 August, 2019: Its just ~ 9% effective cash back not 100% cash back.

Truth about GROFERS grand orange bag days sale

Every one is talking about Grofers Orange Bag Days (GOBD) sale on 10-18 August, 2019. It is widely marketed as India’s Biggest Grocery Sale with 100% cash back. But wait, is this offer really worth it or are there some hidden terms and conditions of Grofers Orange Bag Days . If you considering this offer as the biggest cash back offer then you might be wrong. Before buying any product under this offer, we request you to read all the fine prints related to Hidden terms and conditions of GROFERS Grand Orange Bag Days sale. We have tried to bring some of the important terms and conditions about the offer.

Hidden terms and conditions of GROFERS Grand Orange Bag Days sale that you should read.

It is true that you will get 100% cash back up to 5000/- (equivalent to INR 5000/-). There is no condition on minimum purchase. This offer is available on entire cart and you can also use previous cashback or any coupon code. And it can be availed on one or multiple orders with just limitation that you can earn total cash back of 5000/- during the entire offer period. All this seems great but there is a catch and it is as follows.

100% cashback is in the form of “Orange Cash” and not into you bank/card account

Let us say that you have purchased products worth Rs 5000/- from GROGERS during the offer period. Then you will get Rs 5000/- as cash back but not into your bank/card account. This cashback is into your GROFERS account as Orange Cash. This cash cannot be transferred into bank/card. This means when you make a transaction of Rs 5000/- during this offer, you total Rs 5000/- (of course, there may be deals running in the site where you will have to pay less than MRP.) expecting that you will get 100% cash back on your product. But you end up getting Orange cash worth INR 5000/- into your GROFERS account.

Now you may think that you that’s not bad too. You could use those “Orange cash” on your next purchase of Rs 5000/-. This means you paid Rs 5000/- and you can shop for Rs 10,000/-. And if you are thinking that this may not be 100% discount, but it is definitely 50% discount then too you are completely wrong.

This deal is worst than mentioned above. There is more hidden terms and conditions of GROFERS Grand Orange Bag Days and that is its validity, expiry and terms of use. Please read these terms and conditions as this is very important and your complete decision to purchase goods during this offer can change.

Validity of Orange Cash

Orange cash credited is valid from 19th August 2019 to 31st July 2020. This period is just less than a year. You have to use these cash only between this period which is less than 1 year.

Expiry of Orange Cash

As per conditions mentioned, If no order is placed in a month, 300 Orange Cash will expire. This means you need to purchase every month other wise it will expire.

And finally the most important conditions that completely alters the benefits of the offer

Orange cash can be redeemed as 10% of the transnational order value

This one is the most important condition on use of orange cash. Only 10% of the transnational/order value can be paid as orange cash for the orders placed between 19th Aug 2019 to 31st July 2020. This means to completely use Orange cash of Rs 5000/-, you need to have transaction/order of Rs 50,000/- of which you will pay Rs 45000/- from your pocket and remaining 5000/- as orange cash. This means you will pay Rs 50,000/- and get goods with transnational/order/cart value worth 55,000/-. Of course, the offer not 100% cash back in actual sense, it is just around 9.09% discount over and above the discount given above the product. The situation is even worse, if you purchase/transact any thing less than 50,000/- between 19th Aug 2019 to 31st July 2020 after purchasing 5000/- during the GROFERS great orange bag days from 10th Aug 2019 to 18th Aug 2019.


GROFERS 100% cash back sale is not actually 100% cash back, it is just over 9% discount over price. If you read Hidden terms and conditions of GROFERS Grand Orange Bag Days then you may realise that 100% cash back is in the form of Orange Cash which has limitation with respect to use, validity and expiry.

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