List of Greek alphabet: Shortcut for typing Greek letters in Ms Word

Greek alphabets and science​

The Greek alphabet or Greek letters are widely in variety of fields of science and engineering to demote various constants, values and phenomenon/particle (alpha decay, beta decay, etc.). From the entire list of Greek alphabets, you will not find any alphabets which are not used in science and mathematics. Letters including  \alpha, \omega, \pi, \eta, \rho, \mu and many more are used to denote a whole range of mathematical constant and phenomenon in mathematics, scientific and engineering like \pi (ratio of circumference to diameter), \omega (angular velocity), \Omega (Electrical Resistance), \alpha and \beta (particles from nuclear decay), \gamma (rays) etc. 

The Greek alphabet only has 24 letters compared to the Latin based script that uses 26. However the Greek alphabet does have both capital and small versions, and virtually all of the letters are widely used for a variety of different fields.

Greek Alphabets / Greek Letters: Names, symbols and their shortcut in Microsoft Word​

Following table contains list of Greek Alphabets/Letters showing names, symbols in upper case and lower case and their shortcut in Microsoft Word

Greek Symbol Upper Case Shortcut Lower Case Shortcut
Alpha A \Alpha \alpha \alpha
Beta B \Beta \beta \beta
Gamma \Gamma \Gamma \gamma \gamma
Delta \Delta \Delta \delta \delta
Epsilon E \Epsilon \epsilon \epsilon
Zeta Z \Zeta \zeta \zeta
Theta \Theta \Theta \theta \theta
Iota I \Iota \iota \iota
Kappa K \Kappa \kappa \kappa
Lambda \Lambda \Lambda \lambda \lambda
Mu M \Mu \mu \mu
Nu N \Nu \nu \nu
Xi \Xi \Xi \xi \xi
Omicron O O o o
Pi \Pi \Pi \pi \pi
Rho P \Rho \rho \rho
Sigma \Sigma \Sigma \sigma \sigma
Tau T \Tau \tau \tau
Upsilon \Upsilon \Upsilon \upsilon \upsilon
Phi \Phi \Phi \phi \phi
Chi X \Chi \chi \chi
Psi \Psi \Psi \psi \psi
Omega \Omega \Omega \omega \omega

Shortcut for typing Greek Alphabet / Greek Letter in Microsoft Word

To type Greek alphabet in Microsoft Word you can just go to Equation tab and then select Greek symbols. or you can just type shortcut given in above table inside equation editor and press space. After pressing space math Auto-correct feature of Ms Word will automatically convert it into Greek Alphabet

Following video shows “Shortcut for typing Greek Symbols / Greek Alphabets / Greek Letters in Ms Word

List of Greek Symbols and Ms Word shortcut
List of Greek Symbols and Ms Word shortcut

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