Does Pen drive weight more when full? Scientist says that “Adding data to Pen drive actually decreases its weight” !!!

Does pendrive weight more when full?
Does Pen-drive weigh more when full. Scientist says that “Empty Pendrive weight more”

Many people who don’t know about computer, Hard Disk or Pen drive might have this question?.

What happens if I add a photo of elephant into empty pen drive? Does weight of pen drive increase as it contains photo of elephant? Of simply Does pendrive weight more when full

Most of you will say, what nonsense I am talking about!!!. But just think again. Scientist says, “Adding elephant photo will actually change weight of empty pen drive.” But its not elephant that changing weight, it is data!!!

In fact, Scientist have proved that “Adding any photo or any kind of data into empty pen drive will decrease its weight !!! “

To understand the science behind it, you must need to know, How data is stored in Pen drive?

All the data stored pen drive or flash drive are in digital form. Any data are stored as continuous array of 0’s and 1’s in transistors. For example binary code for number 10 is “1010”. This 0’s and 1’s are called bit. And size of hard drive or Pen drive are measured in this bits. 8Gb Pendrive means it has 8 billion bits.

When you store data, a binary 0 is set by charging a gate of transistor and 1’s is stored by removing charge. This charge is manipulated by adding electrons (to make 1’s into 0’s) or removing electrons (make 0’s into 1’s) .

In an new pen drive or flash drive, all these transistors are set to 0’s by default. But when you add any data to pen drive, some of these 0’s gets converted into 1’s. To convert 0’s into 1’s, pen drive actually remove an electron from particular bit. In electronics 0 and 1 represents 0 Volt and 5 Volts (generally). This means, to convert 0’s (0 Volt) in to 1’s (positive Voltage) around 1018 electrons are removed. Although mass of one electron is 9.11 × 10-31 kilograms which is very low to have a feel of it. Mass of electron removed from bit to convert it from 0 to 1 is 9.11 × 10-13 kg which is still quite less to feel.

This means if all the 0’s of 8 Gb is converted into 1’s we need to remove electron weighing 7 grams (you can check the math). But weight a minute. Even in full Pen drive, around 50% of bit’s are likely to be 0’s and remaining 50% are likely to be 1’s. This means full 8Gb Pen Drive weight on an average 3.5 grams lesser.


Adding data actually reduces weight of empty Pen drive or any flash drive. This reduction in weight is due to removal of electrons to convert 0’s into 1’s digitally. An 100% full 8Gb pendrive will weight around 3.5 grams lesser than empty Pen drive. However deleting any data is not likely to increase any weight as deleting will remove index of files but will not convert 1’s into 0’s. Formatting might erase every bit and hence it will have.

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