This website is about publishing well researched content about  photography, thesis and dissertation helpers. 

In today world, information is available every where. Just search some term in google and your screen will be filled with tens and even hundreds of links to pages with resources. In those results there are lot of similar content. I have come across content that are not well researched. Some of them publish content just for the sake to making money or getting famous.

We are not like those websites!. Our aim is to give you quality and informative content in simple words that are easy to understand and practical. Those content will be well research, written by experts in their field. 

We started with YouTube channel about photography, personal finance, feel science and mathematics and help for thesis and dissertation. As viewer ship grew, my passion to serve viewers grew. This website is just a part of my passion to educate and guide people based on the knowledge we have. 

We are committed to provide high quality, well researched content in crisp and concise manner to our viewers.